A Healthcare cash plan is an insurance policy that can help with the cost of dental, optical, physiotherapy, and sometimes consultant fees and certain diagnostic tests.

Health Cash PlansĀ are designed to help cover every day healthcare costs which can include dental treatment, optical check-ups and new prescription glasses, also physiotherapy and fees for private specialist consultations. The level of cover and the individual benefits vary between the insurance providers.

The policies are designed with a benefit limit for certain costs depending of your chosen level of benefit cover such as routine dental treatment or optical costs, the insured can then claim back their costs up to the relevant limits of your chosen benefit level.

Dependent upon the policy you choose you can receive anywhere from 50%-100% of the cost of your treatment, normally up to a fixed annual claimable limit. Health cash plans can cover healthcare costs you routinely incur; they are not designed to cover treatment for more serious conditions this is where the NHS would come in to play or your private medical insurance policy if you have one in place.

Cash plans can be set-up on an individual basis or as a group (company) contract.

Another very important factor to consider when selecting a health cash plan is the policy terms regarding any pre-existing medical conditions you or your family may have, many policies which are set-up on a personal basis will have some form of pre-existing medical condition clause.

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